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All You Need To Conquer The Realm Of Diablo2

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Welcome to the Original Diablo2 Community.
We are Moderated by mikewelch (mikewelch@livejournal.com), xalit (pmk21@yahoo.co.uk), shifter_ (shifter_@livejournal.com), and Community Founder karkota (karkota@livejournal.com).

This Community exists for discussion of anything surrounding the world of Diablo. Trade items, share pics, set up games, show off your characters, teach strategies, kill Uber-Diablo, conquer the world and do it all with help from the diablo2 community! Before you join, we'd appreciate it if you would check out our Community Guidelines. Thanks. Be advised, our Community has a strong anti-cheat/hack stance. If your entire gaming experience revolves around ripping other players off, you won't enjoy it here. Please use LJ-Cut for long entries, or those containing pictures.

We've worked hard to make our MEMORIES SECTION as much like a Diablo2 FAQ as possible. If you have a question, feel free to peruse the entires for an answer. There are Guides for anything from basic to complicated Character Builds, as well as solutions for technical problems related to the game. As always - don't hesitate to post a question to our experienced community members - chances are someone has the answer you're looking for.

Recommended Diablo 2 Resources:

The Arreat Summit - Official Battle.net Diablo 2 site
DiabloII.net - Unofficial Website
Pricelist from GamesCafe (East Ladder, Europe)
Battle.net - Home of Blizzard - makers of Diablo, etc
diablo2 *UPDATED* (2006) D2 Dictionary

diablo2 Original D2 Dictionary
Drop Calculator

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